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Vollansicht: SQL injection vulnerability in Lastest version Sefrengo V1.6.4
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Dear developer team.

We are a information security team from QIHU 360 company, China.
We found a SQL injection vulnerability in lastest version Sefrengo V1.6.4 and already sent you the technical details to info@sefrengo.org ,If you can't get the information, please provide me another email address.

Thank you

[Team info]
name: 0keeTeam
company: QIHU 360 company, China
email: g-sec-web@360.cn
Hello 0keeTeam,

thanks for testing Sefrengo and the security report. I recieved it and will publish a fix soon.
This issue assigned by CVEID: CVE-2015-5052
Security fix is included in Sefrengo v1.6.5 beta2.
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